by Side Effects Of Methadone Staff on June 25, 2011

As a former Executive Director for 2 methadone clinics one of the things I became very interested in was finding something (natural) that would help people in the clinic with the side effects of taking Methadone. Men used to come in my office in a panic and very stressed because they had all but lost their sexual function. Constipation was a problem for many. I heard more about these problems from the men. It was not that they didn’t exist in the women. It was that they just were not as alarmed. The sweating was the big embarrassment for women. It seemed that everybody had problems or side effects, it was just that they manifested differently, i.e. causing different problems for different people.
When I started my research, I could find natural products that would help. The problem was that they were all in different bottles and multiple pills. The cost was prohibitive!!!! Most clients were already financially burdened just paying for treatment. They could not afford treatment and buying so many things to help with the side effects of treatment.
A lot has been written about the side effects of Methadone and the problems it causes for people. Much of what is written is not true and cannot be substantiated. However, one thing is true (but is true of most medications) medications cause side effects. The side effects may vary with the individual because of many factors such as health, other diagnosis (dual diagnosis), other medications, what you eat, the amount of exercise one gets, the amount of sleep, the type of work one does, etc. After six years as a director and six years talking with people about their side effects it is easy enough to identify the side effects that most users of methadone have the following side effects:
· Low energy and lack of stamina (nodding off)
· Constipation ( bowels not moving or requiring a real strain )
· Hot flashes or profuse sweating
· Sugar craving (breads, pasta, colas, ice cream, candy, cookies, etc )
· Loss of sex drive ( both male and female )
Even though some people do not have long term problems others do. Some people may only have one side effect others may have all. Some people will not be bothered enough to do anything about the problem. Some are too embarrassed to talk about the problems or think it is just them.
There is very little consistency in the information about the side effects. There is more information available many times in the advocacy groups than in the treatment programs. There is a lot of misinformation about what to do. Most people are told that the side effects will go away in time. This may or may not be true. However, there is a solution. That solution is Nutridone a vitamin specifically designed for methadone patients . Nutridone’s special formula was designed to combat the side effects of Methadone .

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